Potty Training Ideas From Moms

I got so many great comments on my potty training post that I’m publishing these potty training ideas from moms as a new post for everyone to see (and for my reference, I think I’ll need all these ideas and more, so keep them coming ;)).

Kelly suggested that summer is a great time for training because he can spend lots of time outside.

He can practice peeing on trees and depending on his commitment, you can offer the Spiderman undies as a reward. You can take a potty chair outside too…

Killired used bribery – one sweet tart for #1, five for #2. She let her second son pick out his candy (M&M’s) but it didn’t help. He decided that he was going to poop in his diaper for the rest of his life (LOL)! Her mom told him that she will have a potty party for him when he was trained – with a pooh cake – and it worked!

I think kids are naturally ready when they are ready and not when we are ready because this is what I have experienced with my 3. I pushed #1 and also #2 and they were harder to train #3 is loving it! He picked out the krabby patty gummy treats and gets 1 when he pees. Poop gets him 2 treats. I also printed out a really cool sheet for him to put stickers on it, it’s the best chart I’ve seen so far because it has so many squares!”

The Random Yak also advised bribery – this time with jellybeans.

“When Yak the Younger was potty training (eons ago) we kept a glass jar of jelly bellies in the bathroom. He got one for number one – two for number two. Jelly bellies are small and have few calories – not enough to matter – but boy did they have a big impact on a kid who otherwise didn’t get candy. And no, we didn’t have a problem phasing out once he’d learned. We let him get them until the jar was empty and that ended that.”

Hsien Lei reminded me to be patient because every kid has his or her own timeline.

Karen recommends that we get lots of extra underpants –

and when it’s over, treat yourself to something really nice, you’ll have earned it!!

JGS’ little Okapis took a very long time –

despite our bribery attempts and demonstrations and urging (out of desperation). When they were ready it took about a week. From the moment we started showing them the potties, it took over a year. Sigh. Patience, patience, patience. You can make him do it, but it is probably not worth the effect it would have on him. If you have time, try to let him do it on his own while you try to make it easy for him to do it however he wants.

Mama G suggests patience and more wine – hee hee.

3 thoughts on “Potty Training Ideas From Moms

  1. When we decided it was time for Brat1 and Brat2 to potty train, we told them that if they wanted to go to school like cousin Big Boy (keep in mind, they were about 25 months and school was not in the near future, but they were really excited!) that they would have to wear big girl panties and tee tee and poopoo in the big girl potty. It took about a month for them to finally get it and since then (they are now 3 1/2) they havent even had but a couple bedwetting accidents. They did GREAT!! And now they start headstart on August 10 *sniffle sniffle* So…I guess the saying is right…time flies when you’re having fun (or going to the bathroom LOL)!! So…I guess my point is…we shouldnt be above offering them a bribe…is that bad? heeeehheeee

  2. That’s funny! Our little one is potty learning too.

  3. As an only child who hardly babysat, I was quite naive with my boy. Sometime during elementary school, I asked my hubby about the standing up part of pottying. The boy was always sitting and he was getting to an age where peers might notice.

    My hubby’s response: He’s not tall enough yet.

    Not tall enough? Ohhhhhhhhh. I’d never thought of that

    He has since grown taller and changed his habits on his own.

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