Planning The Perfect Spring Wedding

Planning The Perfect Spring Wedding

Ask anyone and they will agree… springtime is the PERFECT season for a wedding! The beautiful weather, colorful outfits, and fresh air make any wedding seem even more magical. But, before you get ready to say “I Do,” check out our list of top spring wedding dos and don’ts!

Planning The Perfect Spring Wedding - Wooden Wedding Sign

DO: Plan For The Weather

No matter where you are in the world, spring weather can be unpredictable. Avoid having your wedding be ruined by rain by selecting a venue that has both indoor and outdoor options. If there are clear skies, you will be blessed with a beautiful outdoor wedding. If not, you and your guests will be safe and dry indoors!

DON’T: Wear A Winter Dress

The one issue with spring weddings is that most of the preparations have to be done in the middle of winter. This isn’t a problem for most situations, but it CAN present a few conflicts while you’re selecting a wedding dress! Be sure to shop for your dress early, possibly even the spring or summer before your wedding. This will keep you from being stuck with a heavy, itchy, long-sleeved dress on a warm May day! Now that’s something we can all agree on!

DO: Pick Seasonal Flowers

Spring is flower season! So, unless you and your guests all have some pretty severe allergies, there’s no reason for your special day to not be completely filled with colorful and fragrant blooms. Pick out a few flower species that fit your wedding theme and maybe even consider selecting them based on meaning — just another way to add a personal touch to your nuptials!

DON’T: Think Small

Remember, this is YOUR day and you get to make it into whatever you want it to be. Though springtime weddings aren’t quite as common as the usual mid-July faire, that’s no reason for you to not be completely satisfied with your wedding plans. Everything you plan should be exactly to you and your spouse’s specifications. This is the one day in your life that is all about you!

DO: Break Some Rules

All too often, people think that spring weddings have to include pastel colors, an indoor venue, and a daytime ceremony. Don’t be afraid to break some of these rules so that your wedding is everything you’ve ever hoped and dreamed of.

Spring Wedding Flowers

DON’T: Go Crazy With Colors

The beautiful springtime weather seems like an absolute invitation to incorporate lots of beautiful colors into your wedding decor — and you should! Just don’t go crazy with loads of different hues. You want colors that will complement each other instead of clash with each other. This will keep your guests from getting any headaches!

DO: Be Bold

It’s spring, so love is in the air! Don’t hesitate to play matchmaker a bit while making your seating arrangements. Who knows… The next wedding you attend could be the one you set up! How fun would that be?

Springtime weddings are always beautiful and meaningful, so we’re sure yours will be too! Follow these handy dos and don’ts to get you started, and then get to planning your special day. Remember… the focus is on YOU! Congratulations!

By Naomi Shaw

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