Pink Snowflake Fairytale Winter Engagement Invitation

A blanket of white covers the ground, and a sweet wedding is in store to celebrate frosty love! This white & pink snowflake fairytale winter engagement invitation echoes their wedding colors and promises magical memories in store. A Cinderella style coach glides across a blanket of delicate snowflakes, and is decorated with light golden trim and one special snowflake for an added seasonal touch. Choose to showcase a small photo of the bride or engaged couple “in” the coach if you wish for additional personalization. Switch out all of the wording to suit any bridal shower, wedding reception or other occasion as needed. Customize the colors to match your own wedding as needed, as we can use any shades that you desire.

When flat or folded cardstock printing is chosen, the back is finished to match the front, continuing the falling pink snowflakes on a lovely white backdrop. You can choose to share additional text and / or a photo there also, such as hotel information, wedding websites, directions or other wedding details. Smooth and pearl finishes are both available depending on your personal taste.

See more ideas when you personalize this design on the product page here: Fairytale Engagement Party Invitation. Simply request this version in the form if you like it.

Pink Snowflake Fairytale Winter Engagement Invitation - Sweet Wedding

Pink Snowflake Fairytale Winter Engagement Invitation - Sweet Wedding

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