Pink Poppy Bridal Shower Invitation

Originally designed for a bridal shower, this fuchsia purpley pink poppy bridal shower invitation can easily be custom-worded for a garden party, birthday party, or any of your 2016 events. A script font highlights the guest of honor’s name in the bright flower color of your choice. We can also change all of the fonts, graphics and colors to suit your unique party here: Bright Poppy Wedding Shower Invitation (simply make your requests in the notes field for your designer as needed).

Pink Poppy Bridal Shower Invitation - Fuchsia Garden Party Purpley

One thought on “Pink Poppy Bridal Shower Invitation

  1. Village Garden Bridal Shower Invitation

    Village garden flowers create a lovely beginning to your bridal shower. Spring green, orange, and yellow colors on this village garden bridal shower invitation design are all customizable to match your bridal shower colors or the bride’s wedding colors…

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