Pink Poodle Birthday Party Ideas

pink-poodle-photo-birthday-invitation-black-2ndPink Poodle Birthday Party Ideas:

Instead of party hats, buy some pink poster board paper and fake fur material. Cut strips and ears and glue them together. Then, on the bottom of the ears, glue a circle of the fur material to create a poodle look. You could even make fur wrist bands, like poodles have (thin strips with velcro to keep them on).

Cupcakes with pink icing are easy to make into poodles with gel icing for details. Fruit roll ups can be cut to make the ears and pink cotton candy can be the fur. Bake and fill cake pans can be filled with strawberry ice cream to look like a poodle head also.

A perfect match for your party is this custom Pink Poodle Birthday Party Invitation as well.

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