Pink and Gold Ultrasound Baby Shower Invitation

A gold tint paired with an oh so sweet shade of pink for your soon to be born babe makes a lovely pink and gold ultrasound baby shower invitation! Golden glitter-like corners and a light pink patterned backdrop is tied off with rosy pink ribbon graphics, complete with your own verse & party details sent to family and friends. Everything you see is printed flat onto the design & created by hand so that anything you may want to change can be customized. Colors, fonts, wording, layout and so on are all yours to personalize, in order to coordinate with your party colors, nursery decor or your own personal taste.

Personalize this card for your own mommy-to-be’s party by continuing through to this Formal Baby Shower Invitations product page. Then, choose this version by selecting the pink & golden style in the “starting design choice” part of the form if desired.

Pink and Gold Ultrasound Baby Shower Invitation - Sweet

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  1. MamaDuck #

    Hello & thank you for your kind words!

    You can provide us with your information so that we can create these for you in the personalization form on the product page above or here: Formal Baby Shower Invitations and then selecting the pink & golden version in the “personalize it” form if desired. Just continue through the free simple steps to submit your request. Thanks!

  2. Alysia #

    I love this and want to know how to make my shower invites.

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