Photo Love Wedding Golden Invitation

This photo love wedding golden invitation uses deep brown as a backdrop for a lovely color image to share ceremony details. Custom wording requests that recipients “please join them to honor their love and share in their wedding day as beloved friends & family”. Dusky golden accents for the ribbon & bow-like graphics as well as the photo framing add a nod to the wedding color along with the deep brown and ivory already shared on the design. All of these colors can be changed and custom-matched to your photo, wedding colors or personal taste as you please! When printed on card stock, additional text, photos or room to handwrite can be shared (flat or folded options available).

See more ideas & personalize this design when you visit the product page here: Formal Wedding Invitation (simply request the deep brown design without patterned corners in the notes field if desired).

Photo Love Wedding Golden Invitation - Deep Brown Ceremony

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