Wedding Thank You Verse Wording Ideas


Working with cards all day, we get a lot of inspiring wedding thank you verse wording ideas from our clients! These are some of our favorites from recent wedding thank you card designs (although many of these can easily be changed to suit any event)… browse our photo wedding thank you card galleries for more ideas! A loving note can barely express how you have added to our happiness. We would like to send our sincerest thanks for your thoughts, your prayers, your wonderful gifts…

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Christening Thank You Verse Wording Ideas


Christening Thank You Verse, Wording Ideas for Baptism Cards These unique Christening thank you verse & wording ideas for Baptism cards from our clients are such wonderful inspiration! Here are some of our recent favorite Christening & Baptism thank you verses, which can also be used on our Christening & Baptism thank you card designs: Thank you for adding to the joyous spirit of my Christening day with your presence & thoughtful gift! My Christening was special because you were there, it really showed how…

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Quinceanera Invitation Verses & Wording Ideas

We see so many unique Quinceañera & Sweet 15 card wording ideas from our clients, that we wanted to share some of them with you! Here are some favorite Quinceanera invitation verses (also see our photo Quinceanera invitation gallery for more ideas and inspiration). Once upon a time, a little girl had a dream… to have a beautiful party, where she turned 15! To have a guest like you, would be a delight…so please come join us for ____’s Magical Night! Mr. & Mrs. ___…

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Custom Graduation Quotes & Open House Invitation Wording

Our clients have so many wonderful ideas for custom graduation quotes & open house invitation wording on their photo graduation invitations! Here are some of our recent favorite graduation verses – some wording suggestions are followed by one of our matching graduation cards (feel free to look around, as they can be used on more than just one of our graduation announcement designs, of course!). Also see our Scripture Verses for Graduation Cards for more ideas. To me the ideal doctor would be a man…

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Christening & Baptism Blessings

A new baby is such a blessing! Here are some lovely ideas for Christening & Baptism blessings that express your joy in words. You can speak these aloud at your baby’s events or display them on thank you cards, a plaque on the nursery wall, or on your Christening & Baptism Invitations. Blessings From Our Families 1.  Dearest Father in Heaven, Bless this child and bless this day of new beginnings. Smile upon this child and surround this child, Lord, With your wisdom and love.…

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Invitation Wording for Baby Shower Verses


Continued from our Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas, there are even more verse ideas to share! Now, these suggestions of invitation wording for baby shower cards are perfect for gender neutral, surprise & co-ed showers, meet & greet parties, gender reveal parties, or can easily be adapted to suit them. Each of these verses are followed by one of our matching baby shower invitation designs (feel free to look around, as they can be used on more than just one of our custom party invitations,…

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10 November Birthday Party Wording Ideas


We love seeing all the adorable fall photos for your November birthday parties and reading all the cute verses that are printed on these autumn designs! Here are our top 10 November birthday party wording ideas just for your planning ideas and inspiration. You can use them on any of our fall party invitation designs that suit your event needs! Leaves, Pumpkins and a year filled with fun… Celebrate with us as ___ turns __! It’s a Royal Fall Party for our Pumpkin Princess… We…

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Scripture Verses for Graduation Cards


In addition to the beautiful graduation quotes & announcement wording, these Scripture verses for graduation cards are a blessing and inspiration from our clients that we wanted to share! These are some lovely ideas for your Christian graduation announcements & religious open house invitations. Here are some of our favorites from recent Class of 2017 card design orders, that can be used on your own Christian photo graduation cards: For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in…

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Photo Card Wording Ideas, Personalized Invitation Text Suggestions


Fun or sentimental, cute or traditional, these photo card wording ideas cover all the bases for you! Inspired by our clients, custom verse options are shared for all occasions. For instance, we have personalized invitation text suggestions for spring bridal shower events. Sweet Bible verses for birth announcements inspire you to add the perfect wording to your own newborn’s announcement, or even to find your own verse and share it with us to add to the list!


Trending right now, we have shared many unique favorite graduation card verses which are also perfect for any Class of 2017 occasions. Inspiring wedding thank you verse wording ideas are also being updated often during this season as our creative clients and designers find new ways to express gratitude. They range from traditionally elegant (“Thank you to our wonderful family and friends for your love, support, and generosity.”) to warm & heartfelt (“We hope you enjoyed the wedding as much as we did!”) – and everything in between! We have also shared some of the most beautiful old blessings for new marriages. Have them printed on ceremony programs, invitations or thank you cards. Use the blessings during the ceremony or reception as a spoken element, even as a toast. Or even write one out and have it framed.


As we finish up graduation season, the collection of our favorite verses for your special occasions is ever-so fun (and most are sweet too!). Summer and fall birthday invitation wording ideas along with sweet 16 party event verses have you covered for those seasonal party occasions. Garden bridal showers for the ever-lovely summer wedding occasion also have ideas just for your easy planning. 2017 fall party verse ideas for your family’s events help with your planning and inspire your gratitude for your blessings during this wonderful season!


Finding the perfect way to thank everyone for their gifts is easy with all of these suggestions! We have baby shower thank you wording, with cute little themed ideas from a wide range of shower types. Christening & Holy Baptism thank you suggestions provide wonderful inspiration for different and unique ways to show your gratitude after your baby’s special day. You can even find pretty little princess thank you ideas, for a royal end to your event.