Pet Photo Christmas Cards – Giving Back to Rescue Groups

Pet Photo Christmas Cards - Giving Back to Rescue Groups 2014 DonatingOur sweet rescue puppy, Samus is so happy to have a family, and we wish that we could help every other puppy dog like her as well! In honor of the wonderful blessing she has been to us, and to help others receive a similar blessing, we are donating 5% of our profits from all of our pet photo Christmas cards that feature your own furry friends for 2015 to her rescue group, Aussie and Me.

Share your happy pet photos Give backIf your dog, cat or other pet is not already in your Christmas card photo, we can add them as a separate small photo on your design, or add their name with an optional paw print beside it to any of our designs if they do not wish to pose for photos this year. See some of our favorite pet Christmas card ideas for more inspiration along with the Pinterest board we created for you! We also encourage you, if you are considering adding a furry family member this holiday season, to adopt from good rescue groups in your own area for dogs, cats and other furry friends of all ages.

More about Samus and our Duck Family:

We are continuing this from last year, as now we have two more who started as our foster puppies and now are our adopted rescue boys, Shenanigans and Rook the Wookie! So this holiday season, we are so blessed to have not only one rescue puppy or two rescue puppies, but four! It started last year when Lil’ Duck (now a busy 10 year old boy) and our 5 year old Aussie-Lab rescue mix dog that we have had since she was a little puppy, Zelda, took in a forever friend. Samus (name from the girl Metroid character) is now a 2 year old English Shepherd who is still a big puppy who loves to romp around with her brothers! She loves having a home and humans and pals to romp around and explore Florida, and all the fun (lizards and snakes, oh my) that comes with it. We are so thankful to those who worked to rescue our sweet Sami Bear and transport her to us all the way from North Carolina, the Aussie and Me rescue group was wonderful and informative in placing her to fit perfectly with our busy Duck family.

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