Penguin Chick Party Collage Invitation

A cute penguin chick, snowflakes, icicles, icy blue, snowdrifts — this penguin chick party collage invitation has everything needed for a birthday of winter fun! We can leave all of your photos in warm original color, or we can convert some or all of them to cool black & white, as shown here. All the colors, wording, and graphics can be changed to suit your party theme here: Icy Penguin Collage Birthday Invitation.

Penguin Chick Party Collage Invitation - Cute Icicles Blue Winter


  1. Lil Duck Duck - November 19, 2014

    Snowy 5th Birthday Party Invitation

    This snowy 5th birthday party invitation design uses a happy hand-drawn style snowman to greet your guests in winter style! A soft chalkboard styled backdrop adds girly style along with a small photo framed with snowy white. Shades of red & teal blue a…

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