Patriotic Second Lieutenant Commissioning Invitations

These patriotic second lieutenant commissioning invitations use accents of red & blue to highlight your accomplishment! A formal dress color photo, outlined in classic American red and accented with a gray star graphic, is highlighted to create a wonderful memory, to the left of your personalized text. Whether you are simply celebrating your second lieutenant’s commissioning in the United States Air Force or also their college or university graduation, the text can all be changed to perfectly match your proud moment. You can even use this for a promotion celebration, send off party, retirement or other military event occasion.

Optional text beneath the photo in military styled block print can be changed as needed. In this case, “Commissioning¬† United States Air Force” was centered beneath his image. The blue, gray and red colors can be changed to suit your photo, any military branch, your school colors or any other theme. The star graphics and accent line can also be changed, recolored or removed.

See more ideas & personalize this design for your own celebration on the product page here: Air Force Commissioning Announcement. Simply select this red, blue and gray version in the form if desired.

Patriotic Second Lieutenant Commissioning Invitations - Red, Blue

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