Patriotic Birthday Card Wording Ideas

‘Tis the season for celebrating Independence Day, patriotism, and summer fun in the sun! We’ve started seeing so many fun patriotic verses from our customers already this summer, that we want to share these patriotic birthday card wording ideas Patriotic Birthday Card Wording Ideas - Independence Day Party Verseswith you (some of these we made up as well).  Feel free to revamp and tweak any of these to your summer invitation needs on any of our Patriotic & 4th of July invitations!

1.  _______’s second year really flew!  Please join us to celebrate red, white, and TWO!
2.  Stars and stripes and fun for you…join us to celebrate, ______’s turning two!
3.  We’re having a party, It’s sure to be fun…our little FIRECRACKER ________ is turning ONE!
4.  Stars and stripes and lots of fun, join us as our little firecracker _______ turns ONE!
5.  It’s _____’s birthday and America’s too, so come decked out for a BBQ!
6.  Double the fireworks, Double the FUN, It’s a sparkling party as ______ & ______ turn ONE!
7.  He was born on the 4th of July, it’s true, so come join us for an All-American barbecue!
8.  A year filled with stars, stripes & fun, we can’t believe it’s almost done!  Come celebrate with us, our star-spangled baby is turning one!
9.  It’s ______’s birthday and America’s too, so come decked out in red, white and blue!
10.  Our lil’ firecracker is turning ___!
11.  Come dressed up in red, white & blue, our star-spangled baby is turning two!
12.   Pop!  Bang!  Boom! It’s a birthday party for the one who lights up our world!
13.  He’s cute and sweet and our Yankee Doodle joy!  Come celebrate ______ our Yankee Doodle boy!
14.  It’s a birthday party in the land of the free, our star-spangled ______ is turning THREE!
15.  O beautiful for smiles and cheer, our sparkler ______’s 1st birthday will soon be here!
16.  Let fireworks boom and freedom ring, soon  _____’s 1st birthday party will be in full swing!
17. Pop!  Bang!  Boom!  Our little firecracker is turning one!
18.  Hooray for the red, white & blue!  ________ is turning TWO!
19.  Flags, parades and fireworks displays, our Yankee Doodle sweetheart ________ is having a birthday.
20.  She is the smile on our face and the star in our sky – She is the love in our hearts and the sparkle in our eyes! Please join us to celebrate _______’s star-spangled ___ birthday!

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