Painted Flowers Bridal Shower Invitations

Whispers of lavender, chevron and sage come together on these painted flowers bridal shower invitations! A watercolor style for the floral graphics blossoms up from the bottom left corner and down from the top right. This surrounds your text with lovely blooms. When “You’re invited” to this bridal shower, the personal call to celebrate before the “I Do’s” is something that captures the heart of each guest. Highlighted in purple, the name of your bride-to-be is the centerpiece. Then, a slightly lighter lilac color draws you in from the beginning sentence.

Now, remember that you can change all of the colors along with the wording to perfectly suit your own celebration. We will alter the type of flower, or even the graphics entirely, to match the theme of your bride to be. Finally, change the hint of chevron print around the outside border, along with the scalloped inside frame, as you wish.

See more ideas for your own celebration and order this design from the product page right here: Flower Artist Bridal Shower Invitations. Simply request the chevron lavender and sage design in the form then, if desired.

Painted Flowers Bridal Shower Invitations, Lavender, Chevron, Sage

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