Our mutual love for Starbucks

Our mutual love for Starbucks He trots eagerly thru the parking lot and into the store, commenting on what he is going to eat along the way.  As we enter, he runs up to pick out his prime slice of pumpkin loaf thru the glass, then scores his own straw cup full of soy milk […]

Easy Toddler Meal Ideas

Easy Toddler Meal Ideas – A list of items that real toddlers actually do eat (from moms on my message board): Breakfast: – Aunt Jemima pancakes & eggs – Frozen waffles/french toast sticks – Gogurt yogurt tubes – Sweet potatoes Lunch/Dinner: – Sloppy joes – Cut up bananas – Rice made with low-sodium chicken broth […]

How to give the illusion of a clean house in 20 minutes

Since the little duck came along, my house has never again been clean. I have to strike a balance between pure chaos and just a general baby house, however, and since I hate cleaning, 20 minutes is all I will devote at one time to basic chores. Vacuum (It’s really about the prep work). By […]

5 ways to develop your toddler’s musical abilities

Music education begins at birth. If children are immersed in quality music, they will develop a musical ear that will allow them to learn to read & appreciate music as they grow! Here are 5 ways to develop your toddler’s musical abilities: Listen to high quality music every day, from various genres (variety is excellent […]

What to feed a toddler….

If you give him eggs and grits, he will smear them all over the house, then eat dried pasta and lint. If you give him pasta with veggies and chicken, he will use them to decorate the kitchen cabinets, then eat several sticks of sidewalk chalk. If you give him veggie crackers and cheese, he […]

Balloons and bananas!

Balloons and bananas! What would normally be just another trip to the grocery store is now a great adventure! You see, there are big cars with letters on them as you walk into the store, all of which need to be inspected closely. Then there are carts to be felt, a cover to put on […]

The drama of the nap…

The drama of the nap… (and other ways to constantly question your success as a mommy) It is always something. It starts before they are born, with people asking you, “Should you be drinking that coffee?? The baby will never sleep!”. Once they are born, it only gets worse…. “You are going to give him […]

Moms are people too…

Moms are people too… Stating the obvious?? It seems that way, but I really think that it is easy to forget this simple fact. It is so easy to live life in a fog of sleeplessness, doing mundane chores and playing endless baby games over and over, forgetting about the hopes and dreams that you […]