Eating out with a toddler…

Eating out with a toddler… My little guy loves to go out and eat, and he’s usually good, especially when it is breakfast or lunch. I thought I’d pass on some tips from other mothers about entertaining them when you go eating out with a toddler though, as it’s always helpful. This is assuming that […]

Homemade Pedialyte Recipe

Homemade Pedialyte Recipe 1/2 tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp. table salt 1/2 tsp. potassium salt 3 tsp. sugar (or flavored kool-aid, not sugar free) Mix it all with 1 liter water. (I earn the bad mommy award for just giving him Gatorade when he is sick, but he drinks it and he won’t touch pedialyte).

Ducky love!

My son has a big stuffed duck that goes EVERYWHERE with him. The duck goes to church, to Grandma’s house, to the park, to the grocery store, to the theme parks, the mall, etc. – he is a well-traveled duck for sure, receiving lots of ducky love! Yesterday, the duck needed an impromptu bath, and […]

Favorite foods of the toddler…

Favorite foods of the toddler… Here’s a list of the favorite foods of the almost-two-year-old friends of Lil’ Duck Duck, perhaps it will give you some new ideas or just make you laugh at the odd collection of favorites. Lil’ Duck prefers anything that you are eating, anything he isn’t supposed to have, or anything […]

The joy of toothbrushing….

The joy of toothbrushing… Brushing the little duck’s teeth is a nightmare in our house. First, I always forget. If I do manage to remember, it is usually late at night when he is in no mood to let me anywhere near his mouth. To combat this trouble, I keep toothbrushes everywhere. Yes, I hear […]

More keyboard decor….

Let me preface this more keyboard decor post by noting, as I have noted before, that he does not sleep. He does not nap. He does not go to bed at a normal time, he does not sleep in. He never needs to sleep, even when I need to sleep. It’s 11pm and he’s still […]

Go spice up your life??!!

My little man apparently decided that things were just too boring around here last night, so he decided to spice things up a little. There is a large container of seasoned salt in my pantry that must have also been bored, as it allowed the little one to take it, unscrew the top, and empty […]

Coffee table: a new art form??

My coffee table is a work of art. Because of its design? No, it is just a plain wooden top and metal legs. Because of what lies upon its surface?? No, usually it is cleared of any odd items as soon as Lil’ Duck Duck enters the room. The art is in the things that […]