Pacifier Game Idea For Baby Showers

Pacifier Game Idea For Baby Showers - Candies Life SaversPacifier Game Idea For Baby Showers. For this game you’ll need Life Savers Wintergreen or Peppermint candies and Jelly Beans or Hot Tamales Candies and a hot glue gun. THESE ARE NOT EDIBLE!!!!

Put hot glue on the small end of a jelly bean or hot tamale candy, stick it into the hole of a lifesaver, now fill the bottom of the hole of the lifesaver with glue add another lifesaver standing on it’s side. Now you have a pacifier! Add a ribbon through the hole of the standing lifesaver to make a necklace or bracelet.

Now when anyone says “baby” during the shower, someone will catch them and take their pacifier. The one with the most pacifiers at the end of the game wins the prize!

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