Owl Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

We have lots of fun making owlish invitations for your parties! Here are a few of the owl birthday invitation wording verse ideas that we and some of you have had for your owl birthday invitations:

1.  Whoo, whoo… is turning two?  Baby ______ that is whoo!

2.  Look Whoooo’s Having a Birthday!!!

3.  It’s _______’s birthday and you’re invited for a hooting good time!

4.  Whoo is the sweet little owl who’s turning one?  ______, that is whooo!

5.  It’s OWL first BIRD-day party! Please come celebrate as our twins turn one.

6.  You… hoooo…  It’s _________’s birthday party!

7.  We want to invite you…our little hoot is turning TWO!

8.  Fly on in and join the fun!  Our sweet little owl is turning ONE!

You can check out our owl and animal birthday invitations here for even more wording inspiration, and you can change the wording on any of our invitations to suit your own taste and use any of the above verses if you wish.

4 thoughts on “Owl Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

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  2. Hi i am wanting this exact owl invitation for my baby how do I order it regards rachel

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