Owl Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Owl parties are almost as cute as the babies themselves! We adore making owl baby invitations for your showers, and here are some owl baby shower invitation wording ideas that you can adapt to your unique party (of course any “mommy-to-be” wording can be changed for a co-ed or couple’s shower or vice versa).

If your owlet has already arrived, simply change any of these for a sip and see or meet the baby event style wording. Here’s one idea to get you started: “Whoo… whoo… has flown in for us to meet? Sweet Baby __, that is whoo! Please join her parents, __, to feather her nest at a Meet & Greet on…”Owl Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas - Babies Parties Party

  1.   Whoo, whoo… is coming soon? Our Sweet Baby, that is whoo! Let’s shower our Mommy-To-Be, so she can feather her nest!
  2.   Look Whooo’s Having a Girl!!!
  3.   Guess whooo is almost due? Our Sweet Baby, that is whoo!
  4. A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes, the sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose. Soft & sweet with a smile so bright, a dream come true, love at first sight. Feathers alight for a shower in honor of _____!
  5.  Whoo, whoo… is coming soon?  Boy or Girl… we don’t know whoo!
  6. Feathered friends dance with glee, in honor of the coming baby! Woodland creatures hoot with delight, there’s a baby shower on the way, oh yes, that’s right! Please join us for a owl party in honor of ___ & ___, our blessed parents-to-be!
  7.   What a hoot! Baby ______ is arriving soon!
  8.   You… hoooo! _______ is having a baby!
  9.   Soft as whisper, so precious and sweet, tiny perfection from her head to her feet… Join us for a baby shower tweet!
  10. Whoo loves you, little one? We do! A Baby Shower for….
  11. Look whooo’s having a baby!! Our Sweet Mommy-to-be, that is whooo!
  12.  Whoo… Whoo… is coming soon? Baby ___… number two! Let’s sprinkle our Mommy-To-Be, so she can feather her nest!
  13. Whoo… Whoo… is coming soon? Baby ___… that is who! Let’s read her a book, tuck her in tight, say a sweet prayer and kiss her good night. Join our Mommy & Daddy-To-Be, ___

Be inspired to use any of these or your very own wording on any of our owl baby shower invitation designs today!


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