Our modified hide-and-go-seek game!

Well, after mentioning this modified hide-and-go-seek game in our sweetest comments list, I had some people ask how we modified this. We tried to play the regular way, with him in the corner counting (he insists on “unnnn, dooooo, ten, eidght, teeeennn”), then tried to get him to hide instead of Daddy. It turns out that he is incapable of realizing that he needs to hide and of being quiet. So…. we let Daddy hide. Lil’ Duck and I went into the ducky bathroom, turned on the light, faced the cabinets, then I counted slowly to ten with him chiming along. Then we did the normal “Ready or not, here we come to find you!”, shut off the light, and he took off running in search of Daddy. We’re talking a small condo and easy hiding spots, like under the mattress, under the ball pit, under the laundry, in the closet, etc.

He takes great delight in discovering Daddy in different places, and checking all the previous hiding spots (picture the little guy trying to lift up our heavy mattress, just priceless). I think he would have played this game all night if we had let him, there was a huge tantrum when we finally had to stop! Definitely worth a try with your little one!

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  1. That is so cute! Yes, our kids could never stay still and quiet long enough to play hide and seek either. Of course now, they’ll hide just long enough to jump out and scare you. Stinkers!


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