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Our FLOR Customizable Area Rug – The Duck Review

I must admit that I was eager to try out the FLOR customizable area rug from the get go. Seeing limited offerings in flooring stores while shopping for new carpet and tile had piqued my interest – however since the offerings were so limited, I did not look at the option of customizable area rugs or wall to wall carpeting (piece by piece) as a serious option.  Then came FLOR! They have many options and varieties of fabrics and colors.

The Instructions, Packaging and Installation:

The area rug arrived in a simple box , easy to open and contained detailed instructions for installation. There are helpful arrows on the back of each carpet square ’tile’ to assist you with lining them up correctly. A simple small sticky square is placed at the corners where the squares meet (in other words, each carpet tile has a non-skid backing and to connect each square to the next, you place a slightly sticky square at the edge of the carpet tile so that the tile are snuggly situated beside one another and so that the squares stay put!

This is a very simplistic way of connecting the carpet tiles – I had expected that each carpet tile would have a sticky backing so as to adhere to the surface beneath it (which in my case is tile) While walking on the carpet tiles does not cause any separation, a running dog or child would easily separate the carpet tiles from one another as the small sticky square that connects each carpet tile to the other is not up to that task. In my situation, where running animals and children are a rarity, this is not a hassle, but I would note that if those situations apply to you! (Note that the carpet instruction booklet notes that the sticky squares “get stickier for a better hold after installation”) – that being said, any strong horizontal force will separate the carpet tiles from one another – which is quite convenient when moving/re-designing the area rug’s shape or location.

The Color and Fabric:

My choices for color and fabric were limited for the purposes of this review and I selected the Power Nap – Truffle color (a darker brown chocolate color). The texture is similar to a very tight carpet (think very tightly wound berber carpet) It is not rough on the bare feet and I found it to be quite comfortable to stand upon.

The appearance is decent. No one will mistake this for an expensive rug option, but rather as an economical interesting area rug option. The appearance of the carpet tiles may not be a valid option for a formal living or dining area and may be better suited for a casual location such as a bathroom doorway rug or children’s play area/room rug option.

The color seems to be holding up quite nicely and footprints etc, do show lightly.

Final Thoughts:

This is a very practical area rug option for a couple of reasons:

1. The ease of replacing individual portions of the ‘rug’ – whether for cleaning, damage etc… this is a definite perk not to have to toss the whole rug, but rather the affected section only and it is easily replaced by another carpet tile.

2. The relatively lower cost compared to larger area rugs for a smaller area – the cost grows rather pricey as the better quality fabrics are selected.

3. The convenience of re-designing the ‘rug’ to fit any area – L shapes, intermixing different colors etc… the color options available are vast and mixing different textures could create quite a nice look.

I would recommend carefully pricing out the quality vs.cost of this option versus the quality vs.cost of a comparably priced area rug to see if the potential tradeoff in appearance is worth the convenience of customizing, ease of cleaning and fun mix and matching of colors is worth it to you. This would be an excellent option in a children’s area (think ease of cleaning up playdough, paints etc…)

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