Our collection of birthday party ideas…

When Shannon asked for birthday party ideas for this week’s WFMW, I couldn’t decide whether to write a new post about other ideas, or to highlight the previous posts I made on the subject. Then, which post to choose? I could talk about pool party favor ideas, but then, what about the little boys who want a train birthday party? We can’t forget all the little girls who want their princess parties, of course, or the spring themed party for all occasions.

Maybe there is a little one that is turning three that would love these ideas for party activities, or a little Irish prince who needs custom party ideas. We could even talk about how at Lil’ Duck’s last birthday, we spread out the birthday gift excitement to the great delight of all. Even these tips on photographing a child’s birthday party would be relevant to this idea. I’d even love to encourage you to check out these custom birthday invitation designs, in a bit of self-promotion.

So… we’re sharing it all, along with a request to go over to the WFMW post and check out everyone else’s great ideas as well!

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  1. Wow.. you have an awesome collection of ideas.. I will be visiting you more often !!!!


  1. Lil Duck Duck

    Glow Birthday Cake Party Invitations

    Let it glow… aqua blue, green, orange & yellow to surprise your guy on his glow birthday cake party invitations! For this glow-in-the-dark surprise party, it is a neon theme with all guy colors, so the invitations match the party theme, of course! Plen…

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