Other much-loved stuffed animals (and washcloths too!)

After the latest ducky post, I got so many comments about other beloved creatures that I wanted to share them in a separate post for everyone to enjoy. As a baby, I had a blanket that I dragged around and bit holes in until it was nothing more than the raggedy edges. I still have it in a bag, but I hope that Ducky won’t look that bad by the time he is retired to a backpack or atop a bed! It’s just wonderful that a small object can bring so much joy – hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did!

My son has the same love for a panda bear named Squishy. I had a panda bear that my husband had bought me while we were dating. I thought that he was the spitting image of my husband and since he was nice and squishy looking, I named him Squishy (hubby sometimes gets called by the same name). When my son was born, hubby bought him his very own- LARGER Squishy from the hospital gift store and has been in love with all things Squishy-esk. We recently took my son to his very first zoo my father offered to buy him something from the gift store, he could pick anything he wanted. Guess what section he immediately went to? Panda BEARS lol, like he doesn’t have 5 at the house. We ended up getting a lion. You could probably guess where that is right about now. Yep, bottom of his closet- never to see the light of day again.ha ha. Nothing can, or ever wil replace the squishy. Well maybe Melmo but that is a competely different obsession.


I had a turtle when I was little, I called it Mr. Turtle (creative huh?) I can’t wait to see what kind of stuffed animal or toy becomes my sons favorite!


This brings to mind my own Miss Cuddly squishy elephant by Gund that I got when I was 4 years old. Man I did everything with that elephant. As a matter of fact even though I am 23 yrs old she still sleeps at the foot of my bed and has traveled all over the with me. She was with me at the Red Sea rode in my back pack as I traveled with a tribe of Beduoins across the Sahara. She was still in my pack back when I visited the pyramids in Cairo. Odds are when I head out to the peace corp next year she will be traveling with me as well.


Well, at least that duck is furry and cuddly. My monkey sleeps with a tiny bunny from inside a book! Well, whatever works, right!


There was a time long ago 10 years, when I was out shopping with my niece and her friend of choice was a teddy bear, Teddy. Somewhere someplace in that huge mall, The Girl dropped Teddy. We had to retrace all our steps (which were several as the Sis in Law and I were on a power shopping expedition) and I was in the midst of training The Girl on the dos and don’ts of power shopping. (She learned to say, Charge It that day I get all teary eyed thinking about it sniff sniff) In any event we finally found Teddy. The Girl was pretty calm considering. My point? It would have been a heck of a lot easier to find a big yellow duck!!


And I can’t get either of my boys attached to anything. The baby does have her lovey object, however. A washcloth.

Karmyn R:

At our house, we’ve had similar friends come and go – Bowee (the dog), Mr. Monkey, Whiskers (the cat), Lovey Lamb, Potty Poodle, and Lovey Bear.


Well, a duck is better than the heavy baby doll (filled with buckwheat and about 8 pounds) that my daughter hauls around. Best game: stuffing it up her shirt and playing pregnant. Luckily, her doctor is also her husband, so she’s got her bases covered. Now if I could only get her to accept the midwifery model of care and to get off her back whilst she births. :::sigh::: Homeschooling requires much from Mommas!

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  1. Ha! It’s so funny to see what they all like to cuddle with. This was neat-o! ;)

  2. She #

    thanx for featuring my comment in your post, much appreciated.

  3. Our daughter has a Little Clifford stuffed animal. He’s about 2 inches tall. He has a collar that she made out of a bead necklace, a bed, a blanket, a jacket and likes to travel in her stocking hat when we travel in the winter (while she’s wearing the hat). He’s also fond of her gloves and socks.

    We lost him for a little while and tried a Little Clifford that was about 5 inches tall, but he got no love until the real Little Clifford returned. The real Little Clifford was introduced to Mommy Little Clifford and then Mommy Little Clifford was never played with again.

    Our son (her twin) has latched onto Superfudge. Yes, the Judy Blume book. He carries it around everywhere. He sits and flips through every page stopping at the beginning of each chapter to point at and say the chapter number.

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