Orange Sari Sweet 16 Invitation

An Indian sari pattern surrounds this orange sari sweet 16 invitation and gives a chic beginning to your party. Customized for a fall birthday, this sixteenth birthday invitation accents the wording with fall leaves and flowers, although we can change the parchment and orange colors to your taste or for a different season. A monogram is optionally placed in one corner, or we can put a small photo of the honoree (in original color, sepia, or black & white). See more ideas & personalize this design on the product page here: Chic Fall Teen Birthday Invitation.

Orange Sari Sweet 16 Invitation - Indian Party Fall Birthday


  1. Lil Duck Duck - July 20, 2013

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    Bewitching Halloween sweet 16 invitation design uses haunted polka dot patterns, revealed behind drapes of mummy wrappings in classic Halloween green, orange & purple. This spooky magical night card uses a haunted version of our fairytale princess coac…

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