Ohhhh, baby!

The baby is in so much trouble. Let’s start with the bedroom. I didn’t even know he got in there, but he apparently (while I thought he was playing nicely in his own room) climbed the bookcases….. dumped out all my sour patch kids all around the pillows, in the sheets, under the bed, around the books, etc.

Then he emptied all the books off the bookcases, turned on the radio and the DVD player, shredded a box of kleenex, and here is the best part – must have climbed to the very top of the bookcases because he had pulled down and disassembled my lava lamp – and I couldn’t find the glass part with the lava/oil in it anywhere. So I’m tearing everything apart hoping he didn’t break it, finally find it in another room (amazingly still in one piece, that’ll never come out of carpet), find the bulb in still another room, put it up away from him.

Go to find him and he has ripped several pages out of DH’s brand new strategy guide for his game, which he got down off the top of the TV which is on a stand/shelves/etc. He also dumped the new box of Teddy Grahams all over, disassembled the pantry shelves, and poured rice all over the floor again. Not to mention all the toys, shoes, etc all over.

I guess he figured he wasn’t being bad enough, I put him in his room to play and guess what – he locks himself in. Not only does he lock himself in tho, which wouldn’t be too bad, but he also pulls off his side of the doorknob. So now, I can’t unlock it or get him out. So I unscrew the other side, peek in at him thru the hole, still can’t get in…. I’d just do the credit card thing but there is trim over the edge of the door (what were they thinking ).

I finally wedge a flat screwdriver thru there enough that I can pop the lock – of course a few dents in the trim/door/frame, but yeah. Of course now I’m going to flip the doorknob and I can’t get the screws to go back in…. I’m thinking it’s about time for DH to do something around here, so I’m saving it just for him when he gets home :).

The funny thing is, just LAST Saturday my parents and I were playing in his room with him and he locked the door, no biggie because we were in there with him, but they said something about it, and I said “ah, no problem, there is a hole in the other side, I’ll just pop it if he does” figuring he won’t do it for a long time yet…..

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  1. Rick August 15, 2006 at 9:16 am #

    My sister locked herself in the bathroom when she was a toddler. Of course she couldn’t unlock the door. My parents went through a half hour of trying to unlock the door from the outside while she cried from the inside. Fortunately, we had a small service door outside the house (approximately a foot wide), and my dad was a small man. He went through the service door and crawled over the wall into the bathroom (a ceiling had never been installed so there was space between the roof and the top of the bathroom wall), then let her out. That day every interior door lock in the house was disabled.


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