Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game – Version 2

Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game – Version 2:

Along with your personalized baby shower invitations, matching favor stickers, diaper raffle cards & sweet baby thank you cards (which make lovely gifts for your mommy-to-be), we love to help plan your baby shower celebration! Continuing these ideas from the Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Game – Version 1 – here are more party game ideas for baby showers, just for you. Write down questions from old Nursery Rhymes or children’s songs and see how many of your guests can guess the answers. Some ideas to get you started include:

Questions for your baby shower game:

1) What did Peter Piper Pick? Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game - Questions Answers Songs
2) Who were the three men in a tub?
3) What did Georgie Porgie do to the girls to make them cry?
4) Who did the three blind mice run after?
5) What is Tuesday’s child full of?
6) How many blackbirds were baked in a pie?
7) What did Little Miss Muffet sit on?
8 ) What was Little Jack Horner eating in the corner?
9) What did Mother Hubbard go to the cupboard for?
10) What did Tommy Tucker sing for?
11) Whom did Simple Simon meet going to the fair?
12) What kind of flowers grow in Mistress Mary’s garden?
13) What did Tom the Piper’s son steal?
14) What was Wee Willie Winkie wearing when he ran through the town?
15) How much wool did the black sheep have?
16) What was Yankee Doodle riding on when he went to town?
17) How old was the pease porridge in the pot?
18) In Hickory Dickory Dock, what time did the mouse run down the clock?
19) What couldn’t Jack Sprat eat?
20) What was the cat playing when the cow jumped over the moon?
21) What did the three little kittens lose?Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game - Questions Answers
22) What was Humpty Dumpty sitting on before he fell?

Answers in order from above:

  1. A peck of pickled peppers
  2. The butcher, baker and candlestick maker
  3. Kissed them
  4. The farmer’s wife
  5. Grace
  6. Four and twenty
  7. A tuffet
  8. A christmas pie
  9. A bone for her dog
  10. His supper
  11. A pieman

Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game - Questions Answers

  1. Silver Bells
  2. A pig
  3. His nightgown
  4. Three bags full
  5. A pony
  6. Nine days old
  7. One o’clock
  8. Fat
  9. A fiddle
  10. Their mittens
  11. A wall

Now that you are all set with game ideas, we also have baby shower invitation wording ideas that we can use on any design that you choose as you browse our design gallery here: Personalized Baby Shower Invitations.

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