Nestle Nesquik Review

Nestle Nesquik Review – Chocolate flavor with 25% less sugar.

When you try out anything with the words “less” or “tastes the same” you usually are more disappointed than you are impressed. Let’s face it, when you take something out, you lose it. Have you ever tried caffeine free diet mountain dew? If you have not, I wouldn’t recommend it. There is something satisfying about feeling the almost solid sugar and caffeine flow down your throat. So when I was asked to write about the new “25% less sugar” version of Nestle’s popular Nesquick product line, I was a little reserved.

For the purpose of this review, I debated about comparing this product to Hershey’s syrup line rather than the chocolate milk mix, but on the back of the product the three products they compare directly to are other syrups, powders and juice drinks.

The Good News: Less sugar doesn’t affect taste as much as you would think. The powder has never held a thick or strong chocolate flavor for me and now that there is less sugar, you can actually taste the chocolate part a little more.

Also, the claim that the product dissolves better in milk is also true. You still have small clumps and if you let it sit too long it will all settle to the bottom, but the large chunks are gone.

If you wondering if this is just less sugar in the powder, Nestl√© has managed to pack in another 100mg of calcium in your suggested serving size, so there is an added benefit than just regular milk alone. Compare that to Hershey’s Chocolate Milk Mix which has no calcium. Also, their regular syrup has no calcium added either. While Hershey does have an added calcium line, there is no reduced sugar.

It is also a hit with my almost 3 year old Lil’ Duck as he sampled the new mix with me and clearly thought it was enough chocolate to beg for more and more.

The Bad News: The richness of taste you get with a syrup is just not there. That is an inherent fact with a powder mix so there is no real getting around that. Also, if you leave it sitting around for a few min, you will have to stir it up again as most of the remaining undissolved powder will settle to the bottom making a most unpleasant last gulp.

The Bottom Line: This 400mg calcium drink gives your 1-2 year old half their recommended calcium intake for the day, but keep in the mind it is still a sugar and cocoa based powder. The taste is right up there with previous Nesquick powders so don’t expect to sacrifice taste. It stands above the other chocolate syrups and powders with less calories and more calcium, but if you are trying to keep your child’s drinks healthy, consider this as a treat and regard rather than a diet staple.

4 Clean Diapers out of 5.

One thought on “Nestle Nesquik Review

  1. Hi There

    Just a great new drink I’ve discovered with your nesquik, a drink I’m addicted to , I drink at least 10 cups a day , and have introduced it to my sister and brother in law and they absolutely enjoyed it.
    I have not been able to drink tea or coffee for the last year , as I was pregnant and breast feeding so this was great to find something, delicious not expensive

    You make it like coffee , boiling water , 2 sugar , 1 – 2 teaspoons nesquik and milk . yummmmm

    Thought your other nesquik drinkers might enjoy it
    God bless

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