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Navy Midshipman Thank You Card

This Navy midshipman thank you card design uses navy blue & crisp white to thank all your guests after your commissioning (and graduation if applicable) along with an optional small anchor graphic and patterned blue accent line for interest. Your name and any other personalized text that you wish is shared in a modern small-caps block style font on the front of this card design.

You can customize this card for your own needs here: U.S. Navy Commissioning Thank You Cards.

Navy Midshipman Thank You Card - Blue, Crisp White Commissioning

When folded card stock printing is chosen, the inside top panel can be used to share additional text, such as the quote shared here. “Many people will try to tell you that your dream is unobtainable in an attempt to discourage you from pursuing it, but if there is one thing I have taken from my father it is to never stop chasing your dream no matter how impossible it may seem. Listen to your heart and not the words of others around you; only you have the power to shape your future. If you want it bad enough you will get it.”

Navy Midshipman Thank You Card - Blue, Crisp White Commissioning

The inside bottom panel was left blank for handwriting in this case but can be pre-printed with a verse if you wish.

The back panel is finished to match the front, with matching font for any text you wish. In this case, “United States Naval Academy – Class of 2018”.

Navy Midshipman Thank You Card - Blue, Crisp White Commissioning

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