Mustang Roundup Kids Party Game

Mustang Roundup Kids Party Game - Cowgirl Birthday Event ActivityHelp the cowgirls (and cowboys too!) burn off extra sugar energy from the birthday cake with this mustang roundup kids party game!

This country style event activity begins with a quick story… Someone left a gate unlocked and all the horses have gotten loose! The wranglers have to rustle up the herd, pronto! First, choose 1 or more kids to be the wranglers. Everyone else is a mustang. When the caller says “Corral ’em!”, the wranglers try to catch the mustangs. Those who are caught, go to a designated area called “the corral,” where they get to stand perfectly still, with legs straddled. To be freed, 1 of their mustang buddies needs to crawl between their legs. The game ends when everyone’s been caught (or “Release the herd” to let everyone run back into the game if you prefer).

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