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Thirteen hilarious Google search queries…

Thirteen hilarious Google search queries… It never fails to amuse me what people will search for & that it actually leads them to some part of this website :). When should my toddler start bathing in the tub?? (When he gets dirty? Makes me wonder what they are doing now…) Party ideas – feet in […]

Homemade Brass Cleaner Recipe

Homemade Brass Cleaner Recipe: White vinegar or lemon juice Table salt How to use this homemade brass cleaner: For non-lacquered brass, dampen a sponge with vinegar or lemon juice, then sprinkle on salt. Lightly rub over surface. Rinse thoroughly with water, then dry well immediately with a clean soft cloth.

Using toddler energy for a cleaner house…

Using toddler energy for a cleaner house is my idea of fun! Here are some simple chore ideas to keep your toddler busy & productive, while making your house cleaner! Feeding pets. Put the food in the dish for them (or have them measure out dry food under supervision if they are old enough not […]

Triaminic Thin Strips update

Triaminic Thin Strips update

Here is a Triaminic Thin Strips update! If you recall, for our last WFMW, I wrote about these wonderful creations: Triaminic Thin Strips for infants AND for children (the child version allows one strip to be given to a 2 year old vs. two strips of the infant version, less is always a wonderful thing) […]

To think, a lost cell phone started it all - Review Blog Year

To think, a lost cell phone started it all…

To think, a lost cell phone started it all! As the year comes to a close, Darren has presented one more group writing challenge – to review the blog year and/or preview the upcoming year. It all began on May 28th, 2006, with The Eternal Hunt for the Cell Phone, which received so many nice […]


What are the Backyardigans names??

What are the Backyardigans names?? Need a little cheat sheet?? After watching the Backyardigans show on Noggin a few times, you’ll have it down pat. In the meantime, here’s a great little photo guide from Nick Jr:

Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

While making Lil’ Duck’s Christmas list, I find that the big items are fairly easy, but it’s all the little things that I tend to forget. Here’s some toddler stocking stuffer ideas from his list for your own reference – feel free to add your own ideas in comments as well! Bath squirt animals Ty […]

Carnival of the Vanities #206 - Party Lil Duck Duck

Carnival of the Vanities #206

Welcome to Lil Duck Duck and the 206th Carnival of the Vanities! Thank you for joining our party today – the ducks have had a wonderful time hosting this carnival in the past and today is no exception! We had many wonderful submissions over several different categories, thank you for all your support and for […]