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Pet Photo Christmas Cards – Giving Back to Rescue Groups

Our sweet new rescue puppy, Sami is so happy to have a family, and we wish that we could help every other puppy dog like her as well! In honor of the wonderful blessing she has been to us, and to help others receive a similar blessing, we are donating 5% of our profits from all of our pet photo Christmas cards that feature your own furry friends for 2014 to her rescue group, Aussie and Me. If your dog, cat or other pet is not already in your Christmas card photo, we can add them as a separate small […]


Holiday Gift Ideas for the Geek Dad

The geek father is a tough one to shop for. Here at Lil’ Duck Duck we have a couple of geek dads, and we asked them what they most wanted to receive for Christmas. Here are their Holiday Gift Ideas for the Geek Dad!   Doctor Who 17 oz. Figural Tardis Mug Doctor Who has been around for a LONG time but in 2005 the series found new life and has once again become a cultural touchstone. Here you can have a nice ceramic mug modeled after the famous Doctor’s Tardis.   Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set Every Star […]

Fun ideas for making your own tutus!

Here are some easy & fun ideas for making your own tutus! Use old nylon slips, lacy dresses, nightgowns or other washable clothing items by cutting diamond shaped pieces. Attach them to an elastic band & enjoy! Colorful scarves or colorful old wide ties can also be lots of fun. Just cut the ties to the length you wish for the skirt, then attach them to an elastic band (you can use the tie-on bands but they tend to come untied and need parental help). Cut nylon net (which is very cheap, by the way) to double the amount that […]

Better Family Photos and Children Photo Taking Tips

Better Family Photos and Children Photo Taking Tips Tired of the same family group poses in your photos? Would you like your photos to look more “together” or more professional? Want your children to look happy and enjoy having their photos taken? Well, read on… We love the variety of settings and poses we see in the photos for the custom designs here at Lil Duck Duck. So we thought you would like the following suggestions for more interesting photo poses and are from the article, “Top 20 Tips for Taking Family Photos” in Scrapbooks Etc. PICK A FAMILY-FRIENDLY LOCATION […]

When Only A Daddy Will Do…

Judsen Culbreth, author of numerous books and articles on relationships, recently published this article “What Dads Are Made Of,” on 3 distinct ways that fathers contribute to their children’s lives. ================================== A Father’s Parenting Style Will McAlpine, two and a half years old, likes to “help” his dad, Eric, in their suburban backyard in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. As father and son toss grass, leaves and rocks into a wheelbarrow, Eric points out different colors and shapes. Sometimes they pause during their chores to observe planes and clouds overhead. What they don’t pay attention to is the mess of mud on […]

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Deluxe Edition (Classic Seuss)can inspire anyone who is entering a new phase of life – college, professional life, marriage, highschool – the sky’s the limit!   While Dr. Seuss’s books are popularly known as children’s books, this book can touch older people deeply. Several years ago, I attended a luncheon for college seniors, and a professor read this book to the graduating class.  As I scanned the faces of the graduates there, I could see that they were touched by Dr. Seuss promises,” You’ll be seeing great sights!  You’ll join the high fliers who soar to […]