Mr. Monkey Birthday Sticker

Featuring a mustached monkey, this round party sticker can be custom-worded for your party needs (such as gift or thank you wording). We created this Mr. Monkey birthday sticker to match a custom green version of our monkey birthday invitations, although you can use it by itself if you prefer.  All the colors and graphics are customizable, as well, when you fill out the form at: Circle Monkey Birthday Party Stickers.

Mr. Monkey Birthday Sticker - Mustached Round Party Gift Wording


  1. Lil Duck Duck - January 14, 2016

    Glow Birthday Cake Party Invitations

    Let it glow… aqua blue, green, orange & yellow to surprise your guy on his glow birthday cake party invitations! For this glow-in-the-dark surprise party, it is a neon theme with all guy colors, so the invitations match the party theme, of course! Plen…

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