More ideas for car travel with toddlers

More ideas for car travel with toddlers:

  • One family stops every hour to let them run around.
  • The DVD player is the last resort.
  • Coloring books and crayons are fun, but if you do that, DO NOT leave the crayons in the car in hot weather!!
  • Buy these cheap sticker books at Michaels that have like 200 stickers in a variety of sizes. They can stick them all over themselves and it keeps them busy for a while.
  • Small foam puzzles (usually at the dollar store, watch out for choking hazards, of course).
  • Someone sits in the back to play with them in their seat.

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  1. mel #

    the best Idea for the crayons in the car is to put them when not in use in a plastic baggie and to put them in the cooler.

  2. We did about a 9 hour drive to Florida with our 4-year-old and 18-month-old last September. (crazee!) :)

    We had the DVD player. It was a godsend and we spent a little more and bought the kind with dual screens. I also bought a new movie they had never seen and got it out just for the trip.

    Travel size doodle pros are great. I also bought a bunch of small trinkets at the dollar store and filled a small tote bag and brought the new goodies out every hour or two. They were cheap so if we “lost” a slinky or whatever it wasn’t a crime!

  3. Rae #

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing! =)

  4. We are planning on driving from Indiana to Florida this summer with two toddlers and a baby. Thanks for the great ideas!

  5. Stickers! A great idea until it’s two weeks later and you find they’ve been baked onto your leather seats.

    In other words: when kids come out of the car, do a full inspection.

  6. jen #

    “One family stops every hour to let them run around.” my parents did this with my sister and I and now I do it too :)

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