Making toys from household items

Making toys from household items… Take the baby wipe dispensers that come with the bulk baby wipes and show your little one how to put small baby links, cars & other smaller toys through the slot. They can then shake it around, open it up and discover all their toys again (great for endless entertainment). They are also good for storing little matchbox cars.

Use empty, clean water bottles stuffed with various items (coffee beans, paper, popcorn, coins, etc), glue the lid on (make sure it is secure before giving it to your little one) and voila – an instant shaker!

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  1. Detenara #

    With 3 toddlers under 3 yrs old at home, finding fun toys for them is a must. Try pulling to couch cushions off and letting him jump on them. Will be the highlight of the day. We lined up 2 rows of 3 coushions each ( 2 full couches) and let them jump off one couch onto the cushions. Wore them out SO fast! :D

  2. Really great ideas! The monkey loves the wipe bucket…. :)

  3. jen #

    thanks for sharing this idea
    have a good week

  4. moby #

    That’s a great idea! I’ve resorted to using my wallet – not to buy toys for my toddler son, but to keep him entertained while we’re out and about. He just loves taking out my cards and putting them back in.

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