More 1st Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas!

Since our First Birthday Card Wording Ideas, we have more adorable 1st birthday invitation wording ideas from our clients! Here are just a few more for your enjoyment, which can be used on any of our Photo 1st Birthday Invitation designs:

  • Laughing, crawling, growing up fast… Since she arrived a year has passed. So join us for cake, food, and fun, Let’s celebrate…_____ is one!
  • We can hardly believe a year has passed, our little boy has grown so fast!
  • We have had precious moments and lots of fun & now our little cupcake is turning 1! Come help us celebrate a day of laughter and fun…
  • Swing on by and join the fun, Our little Monkey is turning one! Please join us as we monkey around for ___’s first birthday!
  • Spring has Sprung, It’s time for some fun, Our little ___ is turning ONE! Join us for a Springtime Garden Party! Flutter on over to
  • Howdy Partners! Saddle up and come join the fun! Our little Cowboy is turning ONE!
  • Grass skirts, hawaiian shirts, straw hats and flowery leis, It’s a Luau Beach Party Birthday!
  • Our little Cupcake is turning one, So please join us for some birthday fun!
  • She’s been Laughing, Learning, Playing and having so much fun! Now it’s time to celebrate, our Little Girl is Turning One!
  • A year of laughter, a year of fun, our little girl is turning one!
  • We can hardly believe a year has passed, our sweet little monkey has grown so fast! Please join us as we monkey around for ____’s 1st Birthday!
  • Come join us and all our furry friends for a Barnyard Mixer to celebrate Cowgirl ___ turning _!
  • Amazing Acrobat ___ Is Turning A Big Top One Appearing One Day Only – Join us for party fun!
  • It’s been a very colorful year We can’t believe it’s done… Please join us for a celebration As the ____ twins turn 1!!!
  • Crawling, talking, and growing up fast…since I arrived, a year has passed.  Come celebrate me turning one!
  • She’s so cute and sweet and so much fun, Our little girl is turning one!

Browse our Photo 1st Birthday Invitations now for even more 1st birthday invitation wording ideas!


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