Monstrous Eyeball Party Ideas

To give your child and his friends a little spook, consider a monster eyeball party theme! Monstrous Eyeball Party Ideas - Monster Spook Theme KidsBelow are some monstrous eyeball party ideas to give the kids a special, spooky time! If you’d like to customize the Monster Bash Party Invitation shown to the right, we can even include a small photo of your own little monster. See even more invitation ideas in our Halloween Birthday Invitation collection!


  1. Blow up lots of white balloons.  With different colored permanent markers, draw eyes in the center of each balloon and red eye veins around it.  Clustered together, they’ll look like bunches of giant eyeballs!
  2. Children get super-excited about the eyeball party theme when the adults enjoy it too!  To get in on the act, you and your helpers/spouse/older children can dress up like monsters with odd wigs, googly-eye headbands, colorful clothes, and funky socks.
  3. Create a banner with “Eeek!  It’s ____’s ___ birthday!”  or “Eeek, the monsters are coming!”  on it.
  4. Decorate the outside of your door like a monster.  Cover it with a bright, solid-colored plastic tablecloth.  Draw on plain white paper plates so that they resemble eyeballs (feel free to mix sizes and choose odd numbers of eyes) and tape them to your door.


  1. Green, purple, and red grapes speared on shish kabob sticks (about 4 grapes to a stick).  Place in a glass jar and label them as “colored eyes & antennae.”
  2. Hard-boiled eggs, shelled and halved, and sprinkled with a little season salt.
  3. Circular frosted cookies with a single M&M on each to look like a flat eyeball.
  4. Red velvet cake covered with frosting and decorated like a monster (I used 3 frosted vanilla wafers and 3 M&M’s to make 3 eyes).  When you cut into the monster cake, it will look like bleeding guts inside!
  5. Spooky Halloween Punch
  6. Monster blood!…er, that tastes like fruit punch, yeah, or strawberry Kool-Aid.

Spooky-Eyes-scare-party-invitation-photo-boy-greenActivities & Games:

  1. Fish for eyeballs in white goo!  This is a variation of Whipped Cream Plates, but you can use more globular treats as eyeballs, such as pretzel-filled M&Ms.
  2. Do finger-paint Monster shirts with regular white t-shirts.  Each guest can paint their own made-up monster on their t-shirt, and it is a lasting souvenir of your fun party.
  3. Enlist a helper to do face-painting, a fun and parent-friendly way to add a couple extra eyes or whatever the kids want.
  4. Fill the slime bucket!  Four at a time, make the guests eyeless by blindfolding them and put a spoon of slime in each of their hands.  Have them stand equidistant around the bucket, facing outward.  At your signal, they all take 2 quick steps away from the bucket and then try to turn around to get the slime in the bucket.  Everyone takes turns and the first person to get slime in the bucket twice wins.
  5. Before the party, purchase rubber toy balls and draw an eye with a permanent marker to make them look like eyeballs.  For this monster Halloween game, the Three-legged Monster Race, divide your guests into teams of two.  Tie their adjacent ankles together and have them run a designated distance to get their eyeball.  The first team to return with the eyeball wins.  If you have a very large number of kids at your party, you can divide the kids into two large teams and they will take turns sending out one pair of kids at a time.


  1. Chocolates wrapped in eyeball-patterned foil (available in the fall usually)
  2. Tiny toy monsters
  3. Headbands with googly eyes
  4. A zip-top bag of homemade slime for their very own.

Most of all, remember to have a monstrously fun time!

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