Moms are people too…

Moms are people too… Stating the obvious?? It seems that way, but I really think that it is easy to forget this simple fact. It is so easy to live life in a fog of sleeplessness, doing mundane chores and playing endless baby games over and over, forgetting about the hopes and dreams that you had as a person not that long ago. How to break out of that fog?

My main problem of late: distraction. It is very hard to have a deep thought or idea while the little one is demanding my full attention and I’m trying to juggle four things at once. If I do manage to have a quiet moment and clear my head, I am fast asleep from sheer exhaustion within seconds.

So this is my goal for this week, to realize some personal goals. This is inspired by Steve Pavlina’s blog where he speaks of time being worth a certain amount. I feel that as of late my time has been worth next to nothing, which is hardly fair, being a college-educated, smart indivdual who did have lots of hopes and dreams for the future before the surprise that was the baby. I’m going to eliminate as many distractions as I can (realizing that clutter in my house is a huge distraction, and something as simple as dressing the baby fully in the morning can really help with this as well), make sure I am well-rested so that sleepiness doesn’t distract from my productivity, and attempt to do something productive outside the realm of cleaning the house and raising the baby.

I am not saying that it is not a worthy goal to care for a house and a family, only that doing that all of the time can lead to feelings of being trapped and a lack of self-fulfillment. I must add that in realizing these goals, I am not going to neglect either the house or the family. I think a lot of things around here can be managed in a much quicker fashion than I usually do them, and therefore I can save a lot of time that was previously spent on cleaning.

I’ll keep you posted on how this is going throughout the week.

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