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Mommy-To-Be Baby Shower Gift Ideas: BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar

Mommy-To-Be Baby Shower Gift Ideas: BabySteps Scratch-Off CalendarFinding unique mommy-to-be baby shower gift ideas can sometimes be difficult. However, recently we discovered this gift idea that is not only entertaining & educational, but also whimsical! There is a lot of information that doctors, other mothers and the internet can give us, but being able to give all three (info, trivia and tips) as a gift at a baby shower is a unique twist.

In reviewing this BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar, we tried to look at it as we do when creating our baby shower invitation designs – what makes it unique and personal?

The physical nature of the calendar is what makes it so endearing. There are apps for everything, so having something to physically interact with on a daily basis makes this calendar something special. It is also something for the whole family to share and enjoy!

Starting at Week 9, the mommy-to-be scratches off a block each day, finishing on day 265 of Week 38. Weeks 5 through 9 are uncovered right at the start, for the wiggle room of expecting dates (plus it’s just fun to read the blocks!).

Each revealed block has a nugget of wisdom, medical trivia knowledge, or humorous anecdote regarding the bundle of joy growing in the womb. “Eat your rainbows: a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables will help give baby a healthy start in life” is one tip. A medical info block states, “Over the course of your pregnancy, the blood volume in your body will increase by 1-2 liters (2 -4 pints).” Other little reminders pepper the calendar, which can be previewed in these photos.
Bright colors, whimsical scrapbook style animals and a sturdy poster stock make this a baby shower gift idea we heartily recommend.

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