Meal Planning and Saving on the Grocery Budget

Meal Planning and Saving on the Grocery Budget

What takes so much time and is repeated over and over again daily? Providing food for ourselves and our families. While I enjoy many of the household tasks, menu and meal planning along with the decision making of what to eat has always been my least favorite task.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I hate meal planning. Oh, I’ve tried many plans and systems over the years and nothing has worked …until this easy to use plan. I have been using E-Mealz for awhile now and it not only works well for us, it is saving me money as well as time and aggravation.

Why does E-Mealz work? It is easily adaptable for our likes or dislikes, has very simple recipes printed right on the same page with the meal plan, uses the weekly sales from the grocery store of my choice to save money and prints out the meal plans for the week as well as the grocery list for easy shopping. The only thing I have to do is the shopping and preparing…and eating.

I print out the weekly plan, cross out a meal not to our liking or it makes me think of our favorite ground beef dish instead of theirs, easily cross reference the items to cross off the grocery list and add my items on the side. The simple recipes are kid-friendly, quick and easy to fix.

Did I mention there are also fruits and vegetables included in the plan? You choose the diet specific meal plan and the grocery store for your zip code and you will see savings on your grocery bill. I have definitely been saving more than my careful shopping was before using E-Mealz and there are more saving tips on the web site.

Try E-Mealz for a month and see how helpful this is for you in saving time and money. I’m glad I did.

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  1. Daniel Bergstrom #

    Interesting ideas! Will consider using them myself.

    I’ve written an article on my blog, regarding budget eating and how it’s possible to eat correctly on a budget.

    Kind regards,
    Daniel Bergstrom


  1. Lil' Duck Duck

    Grocery Savings Help – Get Back To The Table!…

    I found this new site with many truly helpful suggestions and ideas on how to save on the family and household budget. Hey, if a mother of seven can save and have the time to do these same tips, then so can I! We all are needing to stretch our grocery …

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