Marine Lt. Family Commissioning Invitation

The family invites you to a very special commissioning ceremony! This military commissioning invitation is customized for your Marine, and we can optionally showcase a handsome photo beside this Marine Lt. family commissioning invitation wording. The distressed blue background, red accent stripe, and star graphic are all customizable if you prefer a different look, and you can also custom-word this for an announcement or reception party. This family chose to phrase the wording from his proud family, however you can change this to suit your own taste or needs (from the school, university or yourself as needed).

Just write your requests in the form when you personalize this design on the U. S. Marine Corps Commissioning Invitation product page.

Marine Lt. Family Commissioning Invitation - Military Photo


  1. Lil Duck Duck

    Marines LT Bar Commissioning Invitation

    He’s worked hard to earn those bars, so let’s celebrate! This US Marines LT Bar Commissioning invitation uses a golden 2nd LT bar and stars to accent your wording. We can change this bar graphic for a different rank as needed or remove it altogether if…

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