Make Your Own Scarecrow – Farm Birthday Party Activity

For a fun themed farm birthday party activity, how about a make your own scarecrow?

You’ll need:Make Your Own Scarecrow Farm Birthday Party Activity

– pillowcases or large T-shirts made into balls (heads)

– permanent markers or acrylic paints (for drawing a face)

– old clothes (hats, shirts, pants, etc.)

– hay bales or raffia (stuffing)

– rubber bands or string (keeps stuffing in)

– lots of safety pins

– yarn (hair)

Collect used clothes from rummage sales and thrift stores (the crazier the better!); find a hay or straw bale online or from your local farm or craft store. Attach pieces of yarn to hats for hair. Use rubber bands or string to tie off the head, arms and legs. Use safety pins to attach clothing together and form the scarecrow’s body. If you want to make scarecrows that will stand up in the yard, purchase two 2 inch x 1 inch wooden poles per scarecrow (1 pole slightly longer than the other) and a nail to attach them together, forming a “t”. Design the scarecrow around the poles.

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