Make your own baby wipes…

Make your own baby wipes… Might be useful, especially with Lil’ Duck loving to spread them all over my living room…..

1 tablespoon of baby wash
1 tablespoon of baby oil
1/2-1 cup of water (depending on how wet you prefer)
1/2 precut roll of paper towels (Bounty is the best and won’t fall apart)

You will need to find a Tupperware type bin with a lid that will hold a cut paper towel roll. Take your paper towel roll and cut it in half – if you keep the plastic on the roll it works better, but not necessary. Make sure you use a sharp, non-serrated knife, it will work better. If not, you will have to pick the frayed edges away. Pour the baby wash, baby oil and water and mix in bin. Put the cut paper towel roll in the bin and let sit for about 7 minutes or so. Then flip over – this will speed up the soaking up the liquid part into the paper towel. Then, once the paper towel is thoroughly soaked, pull the cardboard center out from the middle and the wipes will dispense this way. Bounty paper towels will not fall apart, but you could use the cheaper ones if you like.

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  1. jen #

    going to try this sometime
    thanks for sharing

  2. Well that’s clever. What a great idea. Baby wipes are expensive and we go through them like crazy around here. Another great idea from you – thank you!

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