Lucky Cards Birthday Anniversary Invitation & Address Labels

Customized to celebrate a casino 50th birthday and 20th wedding anniversary, this lucky cards birthday anniversary invitation accents your wording with winning hands of cards and suit symbols. Classic black, white, and red colors continue the theme and you can use any of the casino-themed phrases shown here. To request your own version of this card for your own event, please go to: Casino Vegas Birthday Party Invitation.

Lucky Cards Birthday Anniversary Invitation 50th & 20th Winning Hands

For a lucky matching set, pair these invitations with our return address labels (shown below), Vegas casino thank yous & casino insert cards.  The wording is customizable to anything you wish, and you can custom-word these sticker labels for any of your needs, such as a favor sticker.


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  1. Lil Duck Duck - February 27, 2015

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