Lovely Flower Rosette Bridal Shower Event Design

Navy blue and peach come together for her lovely flower rosette bridal shower event design! Golden accents add warmth and elegance. Find them in the delicate polka dots of the border, then the bold outline of the text backdrop, and finally as one of the text colors. Beautiful ribbon-like graphics “tie” together the card, with a lacy rosette image in a matching peach color (everything printed flat onto the design).

Special, personalized wording invites your guests to “shower the bride-to-be before her name changes to Mrs…”. Use any wording that suits your own bridal style or any other occasion for that matter, as all of the text can change. Likewise, switch the fonts, colors, graphics and even the polka dotted border pattern to match the wedding colors or any other needs.

Now, see more ideas when you visit the product page here: Flower Kisses Bridal Shower Invitation. Simply request the navy blue flower version in the form if desired.

Lovely Flower Rosette Bridal Shower Event Design - Navy Blue & Peach

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