Lovable Ducky Girl Birthday Invitation

“Come waddle over and have some fun…” This lovable ducky girl birthday invitation features a photo of your little girl, accented by lots of bright polka dots and a ducky. The red, purple, and yellow colors can all be personalized for you. We can also change the large “1” for an older child, and all of the other wording is customizable for your party needs here: All Girl Duckie Birthday Invitation.

Lovable Ducky Girl Birthday Invitation - Photo Little Girl

3 thoughts on “Lovable Ducky Girl Birthday Invitation

  1. Baby Ducky Girl Photo Invitation

    This ducky birthday party invitation welcomes your guests for oodles of ducky fun – the best party fun of all, in our expert opinion! Although we custom-worded this baby ducky girl photo invitation for one adorable baby girl’s party, you can easily rew…

  2. Hello! Certainly, we can change the colors to pink
    and white for you. When you are ready to order your invitations, just fill
    out the form here: All Girl Duckie Birthday Invitation – you can tell your designer in the notes field that you want to
    change the color scheme to pink & white, specifying any particular areas
    you want for each color. The pricing depends upon your paper selection and other additions, there are also quantity discounts if you are having a large event – all the options are shown on the product page (link above or simply click on the invitation image). Thanks!

  3. HI,
    i am very interested in ordering this invitation for my baby girls birthday, however the colors dont match the theme. is there any way we can change the colors around to pink and white instead of the purple and red? please let me know and also the price.
    thank you.

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