Long car trips with your toddler – how to survive…

Long car trips with your toddler – how to survive…

  • Cd’s – kids songs, fun songs, a wide variety of things (Lil’ Duck loves Veggie Tales CD’s).
  • Portable DVD player – with DVD’s of favorite shows of course.
  • Some people drive at night so they will sleep.
  • Take frequent breaks – let them out to run around when you get gas, etc.
  • Put a soft basket of toys by the car seat within reach – use new toys or toys that have been retired that now will seem new.
  • Put a snack/cup holder on the car seat.
  • Point out things outside, play little games, talk to them

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  1. Ah, so this is your 100th post. Very helpful! We haven’t tried many long trips with Snuggle Bug yet, but I’ll keep these ideas in mind. :)

    Thanks for linking on my “Hooray for 100” link exchange!

  2. We listened to a Disney tape that had “Whale of a Tale” and “The Ugly Bug Ball” on it from 2 very old Disney movies. I still know all the words.

    You site…it’s ummmm…. VERY awesome. I love how you’ve blended the blog with your products!

  3. These are great ideas for traveling with kids. For those a little older, I’d also suggest them having some spending money as well. Check out my site here for an idea – http://www.kellycurtis.blogspot.com .

    Do you mind if I link to an article here in the future?


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