Little Princess Invitation Wording Ideas

You can weave a little enchantment of your own with an invitation for your fairytale princess party! We see a lot of creative princess verses from our customers (and we’ve thought of some ourselves too). Here are many little princess invitation wording ideas Little Princess Photo Birthday Invitation - Royal Party Crown& samples that you can customize to your own royal needs on any of our princess birthday invitations:

1.  Once upon a dream, the King and Queen had a beautiful baby.   Please join them for Her Highness’ birthday party, as Princess _____ turns ___!

2.  Hear ye, hear ye… Please join us for royal shamrock fun, Our Irish Princess _____ is turning ___!

3.  You are invited for some winter one-derland fun as our little snowflake princess, _____ turns ____!!

4.  Be our guest and join us for an enchanted birthday celebration!

5.  Now that our fairy princess has learned to fly… you are hereby summoned to a magical celebration with the fairy and all her forest friends.

6.  Once upon a time, we had a year of royal fun and glee, now please join us as our Princess _____ turns three!

7. Come join us for some royal hopping fun!  Our little frog Princess is turning ______!

8.  Faith, trust, and pixie dust!  Our sweet and special Princess ______ is turning ______!

9.  Help make her dreams come true…it’s a celebration for our Princess ______, and we are inviting you!

10.  A Fairytale Birthday Celebration for our Princess, ____.

11.  Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is growing a bit more tall?  Our Princess _____ is turning __!  Please join us for a magical birthday celebration on…

12.  It’s a Royal Fall Party for our Pumpkin Princess _______.

13.  There’s something here that wasn’t here before!  We’re having a party because our Princess _____ is turning four!  Please join us for a royal celebration and fun galore!

14.  A year of laughter, a year of fun, our little princess is turning ONE!!!

15.  Please join us for a royal to-do, our little princesses are turning two!

16. The Queen of Dress-Up, _____, requests your presence at her Royal Dress-Up Birthday Party!

17.  We’re wishing on a star, that you will come from near or far, to honor our Princess _____ on her ___ birthday.

18.  Please join us for a royal birthday tea to honor our daughter Princess _____’s __ birthday.

19.  Her Majesty’s Royal Celebration…

20.  Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!  There’s a birthday ball, and we want to invite you!

21.  Princess _____ is ___!  Please make her dream come alive and join the royal party on…

22.  Our Princess _____ is turning ___.  Please join us for royal fun, plenty of cake, ice cream, and party games for the whole kingdom!

23.  Ahoy Mateys! Please join the crew of the royal fleet, our Pirate Princess ______ is turning ____!

Finally, see more wording ideas & be inspired to use any of the above verses on these princess birthday invitation designs!

Little Princess Invitation Wording Ideas - Fairytale Party Verses

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