Lil’ Duck’s diaper bag….

Ok, Parent Hacks is starting a meme, inspired by AJ’s list at Thingamababy, which is surprisingly amusing, actually (to mommies that is, I’m sure the cat readers are less than interested ;)) – what’s in your diaper bag, and what IS your diaper bag?? Trackback to this post so I can go read it (nosy mama that I am ;)) or leave your answers in comments…..
Ours used to be a little backpack with a fold-out changing pad that zipped up the front and cute little pouches for cupholders. Alas, it became covered in all manner of baby mess, and my attempt to put it in the washer rather than spot clean it tore it to shreds. Now we have a little messenger-bag/backpack thingy, not as many nice pouches but still an insulated place to put sippy cups (necessary in this HEAT!) and a few pouches in there.

Ok, actual contents – I dump it all out every few weeks and then toss stuff back in there, usually a changing pad, lots of diapers and wipes, at least two outfits (yes, Lil’ Duck is the ultimate laundry creator even still), hat, sunglasses, sippy, snacks, camera, diaper rash cream if necessary, teething stuff right now….. anything else that looks promising and is just laying around, then the duck rides between the bag strap and my body, as he cannot be left behind for any amount of time. So if you see a small mama with a bouncy little boy and a duck, you’ll know it’s me…..

2 Responses to Lil’ Duck’s diaper bag….

  1. jen August 9, 2006 at 12:14 am #

    Oooo I like the sound of this too
    have to do it
    when Daniel comes back from his stay at his daddy’s

  2. haley-o August 8, 2006 at 2:59 pm #

    Oooo…that’s a great meme….And, hey! You ARE right before me in the Crazy Hip Mama ring! Cool! I’ll definitely come back here more often!

    I’m terrible. I have, like, 3 diaper bags. And, my purse is big enough to be classified as a diaper bag….There’s a whole mess of stuff in all of them! One of them even has a bag of cat treats in it. I really have to clean that one out…. :)

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