Leapfrog Little Leaps update…

Since it’s the holiday season and many people are visiting me regarding my previous review of the Leapfrog Little Leaps system, I wanted to post a little Leapfrog little leaps update on how the Leapfrog system has held up over the past three months.

The controller has taken a beating, but nothing has chipped, broken, or stopped working. I haven’t had to replace the batteries yet, despite his heavy use of the buttons and repeat play of the games. He loves both sides of the controller and actually prefers to play one of the baby games, Play & Move over the toddler game, Leap Ahead (even though he is over 2 years old now).

The DVD’s are, like most, easy to scratch, so some of the games do jump around a little (my little monkey climbs the shelves to get at the DVD’s…. being shoved into a VCR isn’t recommended for any DVD, ahem) but if you lock them up, you’ll be just fine.

I’d definitely encourage you to check it out, especially for younger toddlers/older babies who can benefit from both the baby games and then the toddler games – might be a nice Christmas idea and it’s a nice break from the millions of toys….

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  1. Robyn #

    Hi, we have the little leaps game system, but I am looking for more games for it, but do you know if there are games for 3 year olds? Or do I need to upgrade the system?

  2. michele #

    need code for westinghouse tv/dvd for little leaps

  3. jessica #

    i need a setup code for insignia dvd player.

  4. Sherry Barker #

    We cannot get the games to play. The controllers respond for the laguage going to play etc. but will not respond to the game itself. we have been on line and followed all suggestions. Re-programed it etc. Suggestions?

  5. Chris #

    Glad you enjoyed your Little Leaps – we could not get ours to work, could not get the customer service to answer the phone and over all WOULD NOT recommend this garbage to anyone!!!

    Nothing more frustrating that telling the MIL that you had to return their Christmas gift because it was a peice of garbage that did not work!

  6. I’m here via Julie’s Carnival. I plan to visit again when I have more time to check out your links. I absolutely love Leap Frog for my grandkids.


  1. Instructions for Little Leaps - quick links for troubleshooting

    […] the games running. The only issues we had were with some of the actual game discs. You can read our update on the Little Leaps system for more information. However, given the number of people who contact me about their issues with […]

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