Lazy Gal’s Favorite Christmas Drinks

Lazy Gal’s Favorite Christmas Drinks

While making holiday drinks from scratch has its merits, sometimes I just have other priorities (like spending more time with my guests or reading that great book).  Here are 5 favorite Christmas drinks that are easy to prepare and family-friendly too!

Sparkling Eggnog

If you dislike eggnog, don’t skip over this one!  I say this because I, too, once camped with the eggnog-is-disgusting people, but I saw the error of my ways after tasting Mr. Crane’s lazy recipe:

1.  A jug of store-bought eggnog, chilled

2.  A 2-liter of ginger ale, chilled

Fill each glass half-full with eggnog and then top if off with ginger ale.  Stir and enjoy!  If you are hosting a large number of people, you can mix this in the punch bowl.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Have on hand:

1.  Your favorite hot chocolate, already prepared

2.  A candy cane for each person

You can make the hot chocolate ahead of time and keep it warm in the crockpot or in a pot on the stove.  Pour hot chocolate into mugs and give each person a candy cane to stir their hot chocolate.  :D  Why do all the work yourself?

Hot Cider

1.  Enough apple cider for all your guests

2.  Cinnamon sticks, 1-2 cinnamon sticks per quart of cider

Traditionally, apple cider is heated on the stove, but if you heat it in the crockpot, you don’t have to babysit it as much (just be sure to start heating it at least an hour before you want to serve it). For a mildly spiced cider, throw in only 1 cinnamon stick per quart but feel free to spice it up more according to your taste.

Spice Tea

Nothing but holiday spice goodness!

1. Breakfast tea (or your favorite black or pekoe tea)

2. 2 Cinnamon sticks

3. 6 whole cloves

4. 6 allspice berries

Pour 6 cups of water into a saucepan.  Turn on the burner to high heat.  While the water is heating throw in tea bags (I use only 3 but feel free to add more to your taste) and the spices.  Heat to near boiling and, when the tea looks brown enough to your taste, take out the tea bags.  Serve hot.  You can strain this tea, if you wish, or leave in the spices as a “garnish.”  ;-)  Style through laziness is an art form.

Peppermint Tea

Although festive in flavor, this hot tea is soothing after a rich holiday meal, and it is a relief for guests with delicate digestion.  Peppermint tea is available in most grocery stores next to other herbal teas.  If you have a green thumb, you can even grow your own peppermint as a houseplant and harvest your own tea leaves.

How about you?  What are your favorite lazy holiday drinks?

May all your holidays be delicious,

Becky Crane

one crane in a duckpond

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