Kindermusik Baby Activity Ideas

Lil Duck started Kindermusik this week and LOVED IT! He was so energized, in a good way :). The mental stimulation from these Kindermusik baby activity ideas is giving him yet another way to direct his enthusiasm in a very constructive manner.

Being a very musical family (Mama Duck has a degree in music performance and Daddy Duck is also very musical), Lil Duck naturally has an interest in creating music. Since Mama Duck used to teach piano to young students, she is well versed in the training of young musical ears and highly recommends the Kindermusik program. If you are thinking your child doesn’t have such “musical genes”, please encourage their musical abilities and interest if for no other reason than mental development and personal enjoyment. Plus we don’t know what hidden talents our children have until those areas are encouraged and allowed to develop.

We encourage you to check out their website and contact a local teacher for further inquiries. Below is the information from their website for Babies (0 to 18 months) and we will be posting the information for the other ages as well.

For Babies (0 to 18 months)

Rock-a-bye: This way or that way?
When your child cries, she’s saying, “My body is under stress. This is a really big emotion, and I don’t know what to do with it.”
Stay calm, tend to the basic needs, then see what soothes your child. Some babies simply know they need more help calming down. They need to be held closer, longer. Some children need to see your face only. Some need you to dim the lights or sing more softly.
Try a few different things and see how your baby responds best. At that point, you both can get the best benefits from a lullaby.

  • Sing to your baby. She needs to hear your voice.
  • Use an “oo” vowel to sing a tune to your child. Notice your own tongue and jaw relax too.
  • Snuggle her close to your chest while rocking in a rocking chair.
  • Stand and sway side to side.
  • Try rocking so your child can see your face. The human face is of great interest to babies. Being in position to focus on mom’s or dad’s face helps a child feel calm and secure.
  • A highly sensitive child needs a little protection from being overwhelmed. Dim the lights. Sing softly.